Artist Spotlight: Koloto

We live in a day and age When high-quality synthesis and recording programs are not difficult to acquire. As we barrel into the future these interfaces are becoming simpler to use, making it easier than ever for anyone with a computer to piece together a track. This is a beautiful thing as it affords those who wish to create a means within reach to produce. That being said, it also introduces an interesting dilemma: the over-saturation of the web with so much content that sorting through it all to find truly unique, soulful music becomes difficult. I say soulful not in the conventional industry-defined sense, but rather music that speaks for the artist’s soul as opposed to music that speaks in another’s voice. What I am trying to get at is the importance of integrity and truth to oneself in the creative process as opposed to creating music that must sound like other music in order to be “good.” It is easy to fit a mold. It is difficult to make one.

In her Mechanica EP Maria Sullivan, AKA Koloto, succeeds in creating a mold of her own. Sullivan hails from Canterbury, Kent, and on top of her electronic production is the bassist of the up and coming math rock outfit Delta Sleep. Unwilling to incorporate samples from existing libraries Sullivan handcrafts each of her sounds herself and tailors them for her own special brand of aural stimulation. Drawing from self-sited influences such as edIT, Four Tet, Baths, and Amon Tobin, Sullivan masterfully splices revered elements with her own soul to create something new that deserves to be recognized amongst the myriad of artists who have yet to uncover their unique voices.

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