Artist Spotlight: Nowhere Again

Warmth that emanates from within. Nowhere Again’s eponymous EP lights a warm flame in your heart that is fueled by nostalgia, nostalgia fueled by heartfelt, honest lyrics that harken back to yesteryear and by a sound that is refreshingly reminiscent of the music we grew to love in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Nowhere Again is a San Francisco based duo composed of singer/songwriter/guitarist Jamie O’Niell and drummer Robert English. The two, longtime friends, formed the group when O’Niell moved to the city from Massachusetts to pursue music. The result, as you can plainly hear, is good.

The group seems to channel a Spoon and The Shins-esque sound, though many other influences ranging from Colplay to The Strokes can be easily heard in their subtly sound compositions. The duo stand as a great example of the breadth of talent maturing in the bay.

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