Audio Fauna – “In To The Light”

Spring has settled, that’s plain to see. Even if you close your eyes you can smell its sweet scent in the air and feel the teeming, blossoming life. However, for those of you who aren’t quite ready to let go of Winter yet, we recommend listening to “In To The Light.”

Audio Fauna is comprised of Swedish musicians Johanna Kalen (formerly of Husky Rescue) and Mari Kronlund. The duo sites life and the timeless forests as their inspirations. Both influences  are easily heard in one of Audio Fauna’s debut tracks “In To The Light,” released last week. The song gives you the feeling that you are in a dark, cold wood, huddled around a fire. Your hairs raise on end as the sharp air passes over exposed skin. It is truly impressive how vivid this image is considering the minimal instrumentation. The percussion is almost entirely carried by a solitary kick drum employing a simple, interesting pattern. It is joined by a low-frequency bass coupled with a dry finger-picked acoustic guitar. We now have the forest. Johanna’s voice comes in softly and its whisper flows through bare branches and rustles the dry leaves on the forest floor. We now have thin, crisp air. Finally, the additions of the quiet droning electronic-keys and Mari’s harmony populate the space with somber presence.

We really like this band’s sound and are very excited to watch them grow. You can find more Audio Fauna here.

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