The Aesthetic

The Aesthetic (Michael Bitton) is a 23 year old aspiring musician, artist, and writer currently based out of Los Angeles. Early in his Junior year at University in Santa Barbara he saw Jiro Dreams of Sushi and was exposed to a different definition of success, one that emphasizes personal happiness and gratification through craft as opposed to through remuneration. Wishing to live to work as opposed to work to live he decided to dive fully into his passion for the arts and pursue his life-long dream of creating. Michael has logged in numerous hours performing live and in the studio and is currently working on new material to be released in the coming months. On the side he does freelance illustrations, paintings, and sketches and is in the process of co-writing and illustrating a graphic novel series. His experiences at Burning Man showed him the different forms human creativity can take. He began Electric Bare with his best friend MurderBear (Kyle Gordon) in the hopes that the art that inspires us will inspire others to be creative in any way shape or form. We believe everyone is a creative - they just haven’t figured out how to show it yet.