Blue Hawaii – “Get Happy”

Here Blue Hawaii crafts a beautiful and sick, clear yet obscure track that, regardless your descriptor, must be acknowledged as honest, piercing, and impactful. The song was recorded an entire year ago but was lost while the duo was swept up with the distractions of touring and life. In that time their sound evolved and matured and intensified. Get Happy is a reminder of the raw softness of Blue Hawaii’s beginnings. The double-time rework “Get Happier,” found on their 2014 released Agor Edits, is an experiment in meta appropriation, remolding an old form with new techniques.

Blue Hawaii belongs to Arbutus Records, a label that began as a DIY art space in Montreal and has since evolved into a community that includes film and literature.

Listen also to Try To Be, or really anything from their 2013 record Untogether.

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