Caribou – “Can’t Do Without You”

Caribou (Dan Snaith) has released a track from his upcoming album called “Can’t Do Without You.” After a few listens I found that I couldn’t do without it, so I suppose the name is well deserved. It begins with muted aural candy that utilizes some interesting compression and dynamic panning. The vocals bulge like plumes of smoke beneath your feet, massaging as they gently bear you through space. The environment around is blissfully simple. All there is is you rising. There are no markers, no landmarks by which to gauge your ascent, but you know that it is leading somewhere – that it has an end. This understood, intuited finitude makes the soft beginning all the more beautiful. It is the time when you are lightest, for when the song comes in proper with percussion and bass value, you find yourself suddenly floating in some sort of liquid – just as free, still rising, only now there’s weight. It feels almost as if the soft plumes lifted you into a vast warm ocean that has always loomed unimposingly above your head. It’s nice to close your eyes here and see the colors swimming around you.

Caribou’s forthcoming album is entitled Our Love and is set for an October 7th release via Merge. You can stream some of Caribou’s tracks here as well as some tracks from his other moniker, Daphni.

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