Charli XCX – Live at Sonos Studio Presented by Pandora

Last night the Bare team had the opportunity to check out Sonos + Pandora Present An Evening With Charli XCX. The concert took place at Sonos Studios in Los Angeles, a converted gallery space that has been optimized for a near perfect listening experience. The venue regularly exhibits collaborations between artists ranging across a myriad of mediums to create intimate concerts, listening parties, film screenings, lectures, and workshops. The way the space was set up had a wonderful effect both visually and aurally. The room was a large, clean rectangular prism with high ceilings and plenty of space. Facing the stage it seemed like all of the lines were angling towards Charli XCX and her band as they tore the place down. It gave the act a heightened sense of importance through a clever bit of visual manipulation that reminded me of the architectural illusion magnifying the David’s brilliance at the Accademia.

Charli electrified the room. Her energy filled every corner of the space and seemed to cling to the insulation that ran along the ceiling. The result was a heavy, excited feeling that infected the crowd and got them moving along with the pop star. She demonstrated a mastery of a wide array of genres ranging from grungier early brit-punk to glittering 80’s themed pop jams. The ever-animated songstress showcased her phenomenal stage presence with infectious grooves and wild and purposeful gesticulations that radiated confidence and power. It was refreshing to see a rising star bring down such a small, intimate house with the energy of a stadium giant.

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