CHIME – “Phase”

You can always tell you’ve struck musical gold when you first hear a song and it gives you butterflies. CHIME is yet another electronic duo out of Australia (where some of the best new music seems to be coming from these days), and can be best described as a mystical cocktail fusing classical elements with a “Flume” kind of production sound. Maybe even a more refined “Flume” sound if you ask me.

CHIME’s debut single, “Phase”, released via Private Island Music, is the kind of release that foreshadows the future success of the two young producers. “Phase” is beautiful, heavy, and a “goddamn that bass is sooo fricken delicoussss” kind of track. It exhibits the kind of auditory vibrations that will make you want to convulse on the floor in a dance fit, make your heart pulsate to the beat as you casually hump the nearest living entity, and maybe even envision galloping into the sunset feeling like a boss on the back of an armored ostrich with Morgan Freemans arms wrapped tenderly around you. Really though, this is a beautiful start to something big, and we’re excited to see more from CHIME in the near future.

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