Daedelus Exclusive Interview and Tracklist

Some say Alfred Darlington, better known by his stage name Daedelus, pioneered the Los Angeles beat scene we know and love today. His 2008 Live at Low End Theory remains a defining record of the most influential American club night of the last decade where he collaborated with the likes of Flying Lotus, Madlib, The Gaslamp Killer, and a plethora of other influential artists. With records released via Ninja Tune, Brainfeeder, and even his own record label Magical Properties, he never ceases to surprise us with his variety of unique sounds that invariably pull us into his magical world. 

Despite his eclecticism, there is one common characteristic Daedelus’ tracks capture that is often neglected in electronic music – the power of vulnerability. Too often do we, as listeners and artists, get caught in the glimmer of build-ups and heavy bass drops. Daedelus removes himself from the trend and sticks to sounds true to his identity. Whether you enjoy his sound or find it unusual, his music is an authentic piece of work that preserves his integrity as an artist. Daedelus expresses vulnerability and builds connection through the exposure of self to an often impersonal and cold medium. The bold strength he exhibits in his honest expression undeniably cements him as one of the most courageous and inspiring artists of his generation.

Electric Bare had the honor to sit with Alfred to discuss his music. What ensued was an insightful conversation about creativity, identity, and vulnerability. Give it a listen. It will change you.

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