Desert Hearts Festival announces their Spring 2015 dates!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but as soon as I’m done celebrating the welcoming of the New Year, I start to shift my attention to the magical festival season ahead. Maybe it’s because all the festivals begin to announce their dates and start selling their pre-sales, or maybe it’s because I like to get myself excited way ahead of time…

One such incredible festival, Desert Hearts, which takes place twice a year (spring/fall) has announced their spring dates – March 27-30th, and tickets are going on sale January 15th! (Mark your calendars, ladies and gents!)

Desert Hearts is a a non-stop, 72 hour Techno & House festival. But not only do they bring top notch House & Tech talent, they also incorporate art, performers, yoga, workshops and sound healing. I’ve had the privilege of attending the spring Desert Hearts in 2014 as a yoga instructor. What truly set this festival apart from the others I’ve attended last year, was how incredibly intimate and communal it was – from one stage (which ensured that all of us festie-goers were listening to the same DJ) to accessible backstage (want to share your mimosas with the DJ playing? Come on back, no problem!) to keeping the attendance numbers low. Taking place in the desert in the middle of nowhere, Desert Hearts is an oasis for those of us that seek small gatherings focused on celebrating life with beats. A place where you know you are not only accepted unconditionally, but celebrated in all your glorious weirdness!

Check out a little preview of the magic above ^

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