Desert Hearts Filled Our Hearts with Love!

Electric Bare X Desert Hearts

Photos by Jamie Adam Rosenberg

A lot of hype has been surrounding the Desert Hearts crew for some time now and, after receiving constant praise from our friends and one of our own members, we finally decided that the Electric Bare crew had to check out this biannual festival. This past weekend we assembled from all across California and made the journey down to the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation for Desert Hearts’ Spring festival.

Although relatively new, the festival proved itself to be a brilliant collaboration between artists, musicians, and producers and the community surrounding like-natured transformational events. The grounds and location always play a huge role in how enjoyable and easygoing the festival will be. Tucked away in the mountains outside of San Diego, with plenty of shade, complemented by perfect weather, the weekend promised to be incredible from the very start. With just one stage playing big names in the house music scene such as M.A.N.D.Y. and Dirtybird’s Justin Jay, in addition to Desert Hearts’ crew favorites for 72 hours straight, everyone at the festival had the chance to submerse into the experience together while enjoying different styles of house music. Delivering excellence and epicness seemed all too easy for the Desert Hearts crew by Saturday, and each set the crew delivered amongst the other massive names brought something exciting, fresh, and surreal to the dance floor. From the bass-heavy ambiance of the Deep Jesus B2B Marbs set, to the masterful beats of Porkchop, Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, and Atish‘s early morning set, the magic never ceased to amaze no matter what time of day you were adventuring amongst the Los Coyotes Reservation.

We really loved the idea of just one stage, with no competing DJs and losing your friends to different music preferences – you got to spend a lot of time playing with the people you love. So familiar was this festival vibe that by the end of it all it felt as though you have met pretty much everyone in attendance. Self-expression was evident all around the campgrounds, in art structures and paintings, sporting eclectic styles ranging form geometric urban art to visionary/psychedelic paintings.

What we really enjoyed about Desert Hearts is the community and the people. It feels very authentic – this festival does not try to label or present itself as something it isn’t for the sake of appealing to the masses. It feels small and genuine, like a fun adventure with your friends into the great outdoors. Desert Hearts has a particular vibe to it, a dance party in the middle of the desert, where we don’t take ourselves too seriously and allow each other to be exactly who we are.


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