DJ Mix Master Mike at the Holding Company – 5/15/14

Last night was the LA installment of The New Mini The New Original DJ Series Powered by Pandora at The Holding Company in Silver Lake. The event sponsored by Pandora showcased the new Mini Cooper model and featured the legendary DJ Mix Master Mike as well as an incredible art installation by The Seventh Letter.

The Holding Company was an incredible backdrop to a very interesting event. There was an outdoor patio with a clean, modern design where smartly dressed people socialized while casually sipping on cocktails generously provided by the hosts. Proceeding beyond the patio there was a large room with high ceilings and a loft. The walls were milky white save for The Seventh Letter’s giant painting, popping in contrast. In the front of the room was a slightly elevated stage upon which stood DJ Mix Master Mike, grooving and making faces while deftly manipulating his hardware.

Mix Master Mike is widely regarded as one of the greatest DJs of all time having won consecutive DMC World titles alongside Q-bert. Mike was also one of the three members of the legendary DJ crew Invisible Scratch Picklz and was the resident DJ for the Beastie Boyz after contributing to their 1997 release Hello Nasty. Mike lived up to all the hype last night dazzling the crowd with hard hitting bass and nostalgic mixes of 90’s classics and modern dance anthems. He peppered in skillful tricks throughout his set that would tie up most imitators. His set for me was a unique demonstration of creativity. Not only was he curating the nights music and creating a vibe, but he was appropriating it to create something his own. He was sampling, cutting, speeding up, and slowing down tracks as they were playing, assigning the products to midi pads and arranging new compositions, seamlessly. It was treating segments of songs as notes and stringing together a new melody. Nothing is cut and dry and with enough creativity anything can be made into something else – something good.

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