Doe Paoro – “Walking Backwards”

I’m a sucker for the new wave of R&B. Really everything about it just resonates with me. It can be personal, engaging, and intimate. You can spend time with it up close and personal or you can just throw it on in the background and swim through its subtle influence. “Walking Backwards” is such a track by Doe Paoro and I’ve spent a lot of time since its release earlier this week exploring its versatility.

There is a conversational element to the track as Paoro engages in a modern day call and response. Her voice beautifully weaves in and out of the musical fabric and threads its texture with strong emotion. The song’s lyrics reference a dying city  tinged with greed and filth, one where Paoro laments that she can find no eyes to lock with hers. The juxtaposition of the raw emotion and purity in Paoro’s vocals and the city she paints reflect her character’s alienation. The song becomes a plea, one last stand against overbearing decay, an attempt to resist resignation.

This song does a fantastic job at providing the paints and the canvas and suggesting where and how to apply them, but as with all great music it is up to you to ultimately produce the image.

Stream more of Doe Paoro here.

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