Dreaming With Jeff

Whether you are a Sea Hawks or Patriot fan, a sports person or just someone who likes any excuse to get intoxicated with your friends, I think everyone can agree that the Super Bowl was eclipsed by what is probably one of the best things to happen to sleeping since sleeping. “What happened?” some will ask incredulously. The Dude happened.

Dreaming with Jeff is, well, the Dude guiding you to blissful slumber so deep and transcendental that you won’t care about that ruined rug – no matter how much it tied the room together. We warn you to sample these with caution as bliss and peace come on suddenly and without warning.

Why would the great Jeff Bridges do something so seemingly random and obscure? Because he loves you. And we love him back. Also, all proceeds of the album go to No Kid Hungry, that way your peaceful sleep is twofold – soothed by Jeff and by your good deed.


When you click on the above link you can scroll down to sample the album and access some  free tracks.


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