Bare Sessions : Big Wild

Electric Bare recently got the chance to pay a visit to one of their favorite up and coming artists, Big Wild. Jackson Stell, a Bay Area local, has been pumping out some prime remixes and tracks the last few years, and has been featured countless times on the top charts of the internet’s most prestigious blogs. To add some zing to his growing creative portfolio, Jackson is releasing a three part series of professional surf videos accompanied by his music. Even though he’s young, Big Wild is an artist that is definitely making powerful strides in the music scene with his distinct sound, unique applications of his music, and intricate use of samples/ real instruments.

A new project the Electric Bare team has been working on is the filming of private sets/sessions with talented musicians in the comfort of a private location. These “sessions”, accompanied by custom audiovisuals produced by MurderBear, are just another way to bring our viewers a more unique experience while exposing them to talent they should be listening to. Who doesn’t love good music, exclusive live sets, and trippy as fuck visuals? No one. That’s who.

Enjoy the set and feel free to repost it on all your favorite social media platforms. If you are a musician/ producer and would like to set up a private session in either Los Angeles or San Francisco, feel free to drop us a line and we’ll do our best to make it happen. Oh, and please do watch it in full HD for your maximum viewing pleasure.

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