Electric Zoo: “Come to Life” (Anti-Drug PSA)

In lieu of last years tragedies at Electric Zoo festival and other drug related issues occurring during many of today’s popular music festivals, Electric Zoo has launched a new campaign called “Come to Life”. It’s goal? To encourage attendees to be present at these magical festivals, savor the moment, and avoid the risks/dangers associated with drug consumption (specifically Molly/MDMA). As an added measure to make sure attendees don’t blow off the campaign, all attendees must watch the PSA in order to activate┬átheir wristbands.

This video definitely hits the nail on the head, and does a successful job at portraying the typical “bro” at a music festival, while giving some insight as to how party-favor takers may appear to those around them. Give it a watch, give it a listen, and go forth to enjoy music festivals safely.

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