Ellison Hall – “Devil Inside”

“Devil Inside” is the debut track of Ellison Hall, a collaboration between producer/multi-instrumentalist Jake Davis and singer/songwriter Gene Alder. Listening to this track I’m transported back to my high school days listening to the powerful, blaring structures of the various metal bands I was so enamored with. There is a swagger to this song, a certain energy, that reminds me a lot of Guns and Roses or even Velvet Revolver. The production caught my ear immediately and stands as a testament to Davis’ prowess as an engineer. The music is layered in such a way as to create luscious walls of sound that are presented in thick bursts underneath driving melodies. It was refreshing after burying myself for so long in the Indie and Electronic worlds to hear something that sounds so very Rock and Roll.

Look out for Ellison Hall’s debut EP Deceiver Baby soon, via Lovecraft Records.

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