Exclusive Release of Gianni Abbott’s “ISH 2.0” from GIANNI… X Carey Alexander : A SCORE REIMAGINED.

An Electric Bare favorite, Gianni Abbott releases “ISH 2.0” from GIANNI… X Carey Alexander : A SCORE REIMAGINED. Filmed by Margaret Vance, this authentic piece perfectly emulates Gianni and Carey’s most recent collaboration. Within the first few seconds, I feel a sense of wonderment as I begin to piece together the disconnected shots of the wide landscape, the beetle, and the maniac man cradling a chest of color. But just as the randomness of the shots pull together when the dust settles, so does the randomness of the track itself. The disconnected spacey beats in the opening build up and converge into a beautiful and playful chaos.

With an explosion of color and the quirkiness of the track, we lose ourselves to the playfulness of Gianni and Carey’s characters. Carey’s melodic chant guides us rhythmically as we embrace with them the eccentricity of their environment and the electricity of the track. With an impressive debut video, expect more from these two as they continue to amaze us with every release.

Special thanks to Julio Vasquez for helping to put the shoot together.

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