Feed Me’s Psychedelic Journey Tour Review


Nowadays, visual production plays a massive role in live music. A producer whose work has caught our eyes again and again is Feed Me. He continues to release work that never ceases to amaze his followers, both aurally and visually dazzling, of high production quality.

Through the combination of video artwork and his iconic “teeth” stage, Feed Me is able to create a level of intensity that serves to inspire and excite the audience, invoking mass amounts of energy and enthusiasm which each show.

Recently we had the opportunity to check out Feed Me’s show at the San Francisco War Field for his “Psychedelic Journey” tour. We had high expectations based on the artistic complexity that has surrounded Feed Me’s work, and we were not disappointed.¬†Feed Me’s unique dub step/drum & bass style, fused with a unique set of custom audiovisual clips catering to the influence of his latest EP, created a riveting experience that was more than just a show.

We look forward to seeing more of Feed Me’s music in the future as well as a film he has been working on behind the scenes. Be sure to check out his tour dates and his Psychedelic Journey EP below.

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