Flying Lotus – “Flotus”

Dawn and the first rays of light bouncing through the crisp morning air surreally coloring the reality of some fantastic scene that’s nestled comfortably in the back of your mind. You probably didn’t even know it was there, let alone how to find it – but Flying Lotus did. It feels as though you’d spent the entirety of a journey with your eyes downcast, careful for your next step, until you reach a man along the path who, laughing, suggests you look up.

“Flotus” intimates that feeling, when you slowly realize how small and insignificant those obstacles that preoccupied your attention are in the grand scheme of things. That moment when you finally see the big picture, and you see that it’s good. This track reminds me a lot of some instrumental Nujabes tracks and the way it builds makes me appreciate and savor each breath, uniquely beautiful in the moment.

Flying Lotus released 11 tracks onto his soundcloud a few days ago and I believe each warrants thoughtful consideration.

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