George Maple – “Talk Talk” [11 lit3s X Emoh Remix]

In a void, tumbling slowly in no particular direction gliding between the nothingness of space and the forces governing that feeling of motion that is inexplicably felt in the vacuum. You wonder if you’re the only one who feels the pull. If everything is moving together with you, or in contrast to you. A pressure builds. It all must be moving together. It must. Then, synths like an affirmation explode from the point into which everything is being pulled.

The track is held together by the gravity of George Maple’s haunting vocals. The observer follows it somberly regarding the sound that is condensing and swirling around until the pressure rises high enough for the elements to erupt once more and fill space with its nebulous beauty.

Producers 11 lit3s and Emoh’s rework of “Talk Talk” is an ethereal work of art that can make you move and make you think.

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