Gilligan Moss – “Choreograph”

A few weeks ago as I was metaphorically thumbing through Hype Machine’s top 50 I came across something refreshing. Amidst the scores of genre poster tracks, all very good in their respective disciplines, I came across something new. Gilligan Moss’s “Choreograph” trickled through the folds in my brain and has collected in a pool somewhere towards the middle. It is cool and clear and I hope it never drains. 

This track is clean, the production quality crisp – there is so much room. It organically builds an intriguing soundscape through which the listener can romp and explore and culminates in a cleansing tribal celebration of renewal. Moss is very new now, but don’t be surprised to soon see him blow up on the festival scene. I haven’t been this excited for new material from an electronic artist since Mat Zo and we at Bare can’t wait to see what he’ll put out next.


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