Glass Animals – “Holiest” feat. Tei-Shi

There is a nebulous swirling in the distance. A haze that condenses to show a high window. The glass is fogged and you can barely make out the silhouette of a heavy door at the end of a long hallway. You climb through and notice the warmth that seems to be radiating from the door in thick undulations. Something is going on within. Something big. Your imagination runs wild, inventing scene after scene in an attempt to explain the mystery. You slowly move closer, step after step, until you can feel the vibrations from within, raising your hairs on end. You lower your eye to the keyhole but what you see sparks more questions than answers. You can’t seem to get to the bottom of it, but you can feel its power.

“Holiest,” featuring the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Tei-Shi, comes from Glass Animals’ recent EP Gooey. The song feels right at home on an EP with such a perfect monicker. It is tactile. It is a viscous mixture of textures gushing from a point. That point contains an ineffable force emanating from an indescribable scene that cannot be contained. It leaks into your mind and expands infinitely in mystery. You can freely move within without ever understanding, truly, what it is – but you don’t need to. It is sufficient to just sit back and revel in the feeling, even if you can’t define its origin.

We recommend checking out the EP here. It’s a great listen and features a remix by an Electric Bare favorite, Gilligan Moss, among other great reworks by the likes of Chester Watson and Kingdom.

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