Glass Animals – Pools EP

The ever-prolific, ever-consistent Glass Animals dropped the Pools EP today, a work that features the title track, “Pools,” two remixes by the likes of Jackson and His Computer Band and Kwes, as well as a Kanye West cover by Glass Animals themselves. The release is reminiscent of their Gooey EP both in structure and in quality. They are intelligently keeping themselves relevant in a time when listener’s attentions are fleeting with these periodic releases. This concept is by no means new or revolutionary as there are many artists who do the same, releasing collaborations, reworks, and remixes – but what sets Glass Animals apart from most of their peers is that they do not sacrifice their artistic integrity in doing so. Each release has been good. I certainly hope that they will keep this pace up, so that I might grace my ears with yet another release in the coming months.

Check out more Glass Animals on their souncloud and if you haven’t yet heard it, immediately find a way to listen to their debut full-length ZABA.

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