Glasser – “Apply”

In the past few years the indie-leaning music world has seen a spike in the use of tribal percussion. It sounds exotic and “different.” Only now it is used as frequently as heavy brass is used in today’s hip-hop. There are a few acts that are pushing the envelope with the tribal phenomenon, but as with all art most of the visionaries are often longer overlooked and mature underground. For the most part the repetition of this fad throughout its respective genre results in cookie-cutter period pieces that reference contemporaries in a desperate attempt to be relevant.

And then there is Glasser with one of my favorite tracks from this still-new decade, “Apply.” This 2010 release separates itself from its peers by employing a Middle Eastern influence as opposed to the jungle or Caribbean feels that get lost in seas of themselves. The track demonstrates the magnitude of simplicity. Its rare deviations from its otherwise consistent, driving progression explode with raw and beautiful power. Cameron Mesirow’s voice softly serves you up and strikes at your apex, able to pierce the thickest hide and get into the best protected psyche. This is a song for war – or leisure… your call.

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