Hundred Waters – Show Me Love (Nicole Miglis Acoustic)

Hundred Waters vocal lead Nicole Miglis produced a video with friend and director Alex Warren for “Show Me Love,” the intro piece to the band’s sophomore LP, The Moon Rang Like A Bell.

The music video renders us a beautiful acoustic version where Miglis performs the original a cappella over an extended piano solo. Like with other track’s on the band’s repertoire, the new instrumental accompaniment really adds depth to the vocals. This intimate picture of Miglis also helps bring to life the track’s haunting feeling of estrangement, an excellent contrast for her voice as it radiates a sad warmth amid the room’s cold blue ambiance.

The founding a cappella of this piece was enough to leave a lasting impression on me stronger than what most albums can usually do—all this within the first one and half minutes of pressing play. Migli’s singing voice has this innate ability to echo in your mind, creating a sort of rooted therapeutic lull that stays with you as she makes her ghostly exit.

This extended version of “Show Me Love” is off Hundred Waters’ forthcoming The Moon Rang Like A Bell (Remixed), out February 17 on OWSLA.

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