Indian Summer: Exclusive Interview and Set

The weekend is approaching, so let’s kick it off with some fresh tracks from Australia. Electric Bare introduces Gabe Gleeson and Chevy Long, a dangerous duo who combine to form Indian Summer.  The two have paired up with AJAX’s label Sweat It Out! to create bangers like “No Use” and “Pin Tweaks”. Hand snaps weaving through synths that are laid over fat, reverberating bass lines, captivate listeners, ensnaring them in a web of funky grooves, playing them like marionettes, dancing to infinity.

Gabe Gleeson joins the Electric Bare team on an exclusive interview about what makes Indian Summer great and how you, the aspiring artists that you are, can be great too.

“No Use” was released with its B-side “1.01 My Heart Drops” and can be purchased on both iTunes and Beatport now! If you want to see them live, Indian Summer has teamed up with Bond Music Group and will have upcoming shows in the U.S. Stay tuned and enjoy kids!

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