Kan Wakan – “Midnight Moon pt I-II”

Dusk. Empty space flooded with brilliant hues cascading over a timeless landscape. The final moments of sun tinge the sky with a fiery glow that meets with its imminent replacement  on the opposite horizon. The promise of night creeps slowly until it consumes the land. A forest, visible only by the faint moonlight, stretches endlessly in all directions, concealing mysteries in its inky shadows. In total silence and with little visibility, the mind is free to occupy as much space as it dares. A painting that takes on characteristics of  its canvas, a sculpture textured by its medium, “Midnight Moon pt I-II” is a masterful work of art that projects a fantastic inner world onto a grand and familiar screen.

Kan Wakan does a spectacular job providing the listener with material that meanders, soars, builds, and crashes. They are masters of vision who beautifully cater to the human imagination by asking their listeners to explore their own projections on a meticulously constructed landscape. “Midnight Moon pt I-II” is an area full of life, developing organically by moonlight, shifting infinitely in the obscure periphery. It is constructed and experienced by human minds as a demonstration of our intuitive understanding of nature.

I had the privilege of seeing Kan Wakan live at the Echo on the second to last date of their February residency. I was so blown away by that performance that I returned the week after that for their final set. It was a completely different show. No less incredible, only a different kind of incredible. I truly appreciate when a band is able to completely tailor a performance  to individual dates as opposed to simply going through the motions, worn down by the monotony of the same set at the same venue.

Kan Wakan is set to release their debut album Moving On on 6/3/14 in the US and 5/5/14 in the UK. Until then you can find their work here. We are very excited to follow such a talented band as they develop and eagerly await their coming releases.

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