Kelela – “A Message”

A slow and spacious beat is supplemented by ethereal, haunting vocal harmonies before the entrance of singer-songwriter Kelela’s sultry and soulful voice. A woven tapestry artfully depicting a twisted love narrative punctuated by sparse percussion and vocal textures, “A Message” serves as a bridge between Kelela’s earlier work and her current project, Hallucinogen, featuring producer Arca. Each of the six tracks on the EP concerns itself with a crucial phase in the attaining of love. Out May 5th the album is self-described as “a 6-song cycle that explores the light and darkness of love and sexuality.”

The video highlights the track’s darker elements, the foreboding and doubt conjured by the first tendrils of what will become love. Director Daniel Sannwald impeccably transforms the singer into a morphing figure at war with herself, unable to find a point of reference in the face of the magnitude of emotion.

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