Lapalux – “There Are Monsters In This Bed”

“There Are Monsters In This Bed” opens like a grainy black and white film that was washed with a load of reds so that now the figure jittering across the screen moves in a runny faded pink space. You can hear the fan, just out of view. It’s a warm day. Warm enough to seek shelter indoors, in front of the dancing ribbons hooked to the cage covering the fan’s blades. Everything outside the air stream is melting, but within there is respite enough to forget. Within lies a cooler space. An emptier, less familiar space, hesitantly explored.

Lapalux creates a backdoor for his listeners out of a runny reality into the depths of themselves. There is a physical lethargy that intermingles oddly with a mental litheness, resulting in an almost dissociative out-of-body experience. “There Are Monsters In This Bed” comes from Lapalux’s 2011 release Many Faces Out of Focus. The whole album’s a trip and I highly recommend giving it a shot.

Listen to more Lapalux here and be sure to check out his last album, Nostalchic, via Brainfeeder.

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