Liphemra – Live at the Echo 4/3/14

Thick smoke slowly drifts across muted blue light, completely destroying the illusion that there is any emptiness between anything. The air was colored. The intangible made tangible. And it was moving. Swirling space that collapsed into and out of itself, changing form and continually evolving. It was manic, it was lazy. It was somber and it was aggressive. It was erratic. Most impressively, it could be all of these things simultaneously. Whichever part you turned your attention to, no matter how stark the shift, made complete sense in the grand scheme that was air. It was, for lack of a better word, expressive.

It was also a mirror. The air was a direct representation of the songstress deftly moving through its gaseous expanse. Liv Marsico, AKA Liphemra, played the gamut of emotions last night at the Echo, an experience that directly resulted in my synesthetic observation of the smoke in the air. There was a lot of energy shifting and swirling, almost all of it coming from Liv and her band of talented musicians. They brought emotion. They made the intangible tangible.

It was a very interesting and engaging live show. The music was dark and dissonant, focusing on lower-frequencies to accentuate Liv’s sometimes sweet, sometimes sharp and piercing vocals. Often she would trade roles with a wild 80’s infused synth lead and rock out on her drum kit. It was all very conversational and seemed very fresh. There was a very loose regard for “perfection” in a commercial sense. Often (compared to the record) the music would speed up or slow down or be altogether disjoint, seemingly falling apart. But that was the point. These shifts from the norm highlighted the desired emotion. They brought the listener out of their daze to focus on the present moment. Hence my synesthetic fixation. For that I say thank you.

You can listen to more Liphemra here and you can catch the act at Desert Daze at the end of the month.

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