An Interview with the Lucent Dossier Experience

Lucent Dossier Experience, is a Los Angeles cirque style interactive, avant-garde circus, electronic rock band, performance troupe and entertainment company. They combine original music with fire, aerial and circus performances. I’ve been lucky enough to see them twice at Lightning in a Bottle festival 2013 and 2014. Currently, they’re finishing up their first national tour and are performing in Los Angeles at Club Nokia with amazing The Human Experience (feat. singer Haley Reinheart) and Nico Luminous on Saturday, the 26th of July.

I got a chance to sit down with Dream (Lucent’s leader) and Metaphase (Lucents producer / live percussionist).

What was the inspiration behind starting Lucent Dossier Experience and what’s your mission behind it?

Dream: We were inspired to inspire! Literally. We wanted to create a space for radical acceptance. In order to do this we had to radically expose and except ourselves and each other. It’s been a long, amazing journey. We wanted to mash up music and fashion styles and get away with it. We wanted to mash up the traditional with the non-traditional. We wanted to be more of who we really are. First we had to figure out what that was. We’ve done it together. We still are doing it together. With ourselves and our fans – the Lucenites (seekers of light) It’s a together thing.

Metaphase: I was brought in 4 years ago, and then began producing and drumming with Lucent. I fell in love with the project and have always seen it as a perfect place to experiment producing funky new styles of music.

How have you gauged that people are ready for nationwide tour? The Burner culture is strong on the west coast, but have you been getting the same type of response and interest on the east coast?
Dream: For years we have been receiving letters from across the US and around the world. We signed with Circle Talent a year ago and they had the vision and ability to send us out there. So we went. It was incredible. To meet people who have never been exposed to us or this culture before. To live on the bus. To remain flexible and adjust to each new venue. It was the kind of challenging the grows magic in the heart.
Metaphase: The response across the country has been amazing, and our shows have all been wild. There’s really no place like home, however we’ve had a warm welcome across the board.
Are performances/dance routines the same from show to show or do you switch them up based on location? If they change, are there any geographical factors that go into having one routine vs another? In the same way, how is music/artist selection affected by performing in different geographical areas?

Metaphase: We usually switch around content depending on if it’s a festival or more of a theatrical music venue. I wouldn’t say it depends on geographical location, just more the context of the venue. For example in Milwaukee we played at a huge rave, and our set was geared towards that, we may play a few more heavy songs in a row during that type of set.

What were some of the best/funniest moments on tour?
Metaphase: Skinny dipping in a freezing cold rock quarry lake in Pennsylvania, jamming on 3 Hang drums in Chicago til 5am after our show, partying on a Pirate Ship @ MysteryLand NYC, playing Blackjack in a Cleveland casino, taking over a 24/hr diner in Urbana, IL at 1am and filming our own music video to the delight of all involved.
Have you been able to accomplish the mission and vision that you’ve set out for yourself before the tour? Why/why not?

Metaphase: Yes, our mission was to rock it out and we did that. We made a ton of new friends and people always left the shows smiling.

Based on this year, should we expect a national tour in the future? Or are there other ideas and directions you’re working on?

Dream: At the moment we are going into cocoon mode. We will incubate for the next few months creating new ideas and working on a residency. We hope to get out there again. Only the future knows…

Metaphase: It’s possible. We just finished 3 new songs we’re premiering in Vegas and LA this weekend, so new material is always flowing. Our album Light of the World will be out very soon, so keep an eye out for that!

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