Lucent Dossier’s New Album: Light of the World

So we can’t help but write often about Lucent Dossier Experience, since we are mind-blown by their performance every single time, and now they’ve released a new 7 song LP “Light of the World”. This collection of original electronic, tribal and bass music defines Lucent Dossier’s ongoing creative revolution, which serves to move both the body and the mind.

The Lucent Dossier band shows that music has no bounds on Light of the World. Each track features traditional instrumentation amplified by electronic riffs; one song will feature a swinging horn section partnered with glitchy bass, while a Flamenco guitar finds harmony with a tabla and big room house music on another. The LP’s first single, “Kundalini,” features marries booming bass and big tribal drums with a beautiful piano bridge.


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