Lucent Temple of Consciousness event in LA

Lightning in a Bottle (whose 10th anniversary is this year by the way!) is hosting a Lucent Temple of Consciousness event in Los Angeles on May 3. is a This event will be a 12-hour urban retreat offering a glimpse into the sacred Temple areas, which seeks to create transformative experiences through holistic lectures, workshops, yoga and movement, food, art and live performance.

It will feature an array of speakers, yoga, performances, and workshops including David “Avocado” Wolfe, Lucent Dossier, Eva Clay, Aly Timbuctustate, Pluma, Shamans Dream, Michael Brian Baker, Dream Rockwell and many more.

This event will  be a fantastic way to prep yourself for the conscious workshops, lectures and modes of operating you will be no doubt experiencing at Lightning in a Bottle itself.

Purchase your tickets here!

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