Marika Hackman – “Cinnamon”

It’s difficult to pinpoint Marika Hackman’s voice. I spent quite some time premeditating this post trying to figure out some artists to compare her to, but none came to mind. Now, this isn’t to say that comparisons can’t be drawn, but rather that they shouldn’t be. You don’t reference green as blue and yellow – you just call it green. Hackman’s voice is pure and personal, powerful and yet whisper thin.  It is a rich mixture of many beautiful, somber colors that can be defined as nothing other than Marika Hackman.

“Cinnamon” comes replete with subtle aural embellishments through a heavy and spacious composition. The nuanced effects and production tricks are certainly behind the scenes on this track – minor supporting roles opposite very strong songwriting – which is refreshing in an environment where many up-and-comers circumvent structure with technology. “Cinnamon,” and in fact each track off of her Sugar Blind EP, boasts a fresh sound and an earnestness that is present in few acts vying for place in the musical sphere.

Stream Hackman’s Sugar Blind here and keep an eye out for her upcoming EP Deaf Heat (set for a mid-April release) with some tracks already posted to her soundcloud.

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