Mi.Mu Gloves – Changing How Music is Played

In todays world it is almost impossible for a musician to reject technology and its role in the music-making process. Many complain of the impersonal feeling of staring at a computer screen for hours on end tweaking numerical parameters with knobs and faders on pedals and increasingly complicated programs. Thus Mi.Mu. This team of dedicated visionaries has been diligently working on special gloves that will integrate technology, software, and the organic, physical experience of making music. In the above interview Imogen Heap, a member of the Mi.Mu team, explains the project’s goal and current application.

The Mi.Mu team started a kickstarter campaign to raise funding for their innovative project and have announced (and this is probably the most exciting part) that once released the software and hardware will be open-source, allowing its capabilities to be limited only by its user’s vision. Donate to the campaign and be a part of one of the most exciting innovations in creative technology!

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