Mile High Sound Movement (MHSM) release their first compilation

The Mile High Sound Movement (MHSM) is an artists’ collective, started by Project Aspect (Jerry Jay Jaramillo) and Zach Kruzas (Kruza Kid). Unlimited Gravity (Ronnie Weberg) eventually joined the collective as Vice President. MHSM is based in Denver, Colorado and is focused on gathering unique and original art and music and exposing it to the world.The Movement is passionate not only about music but about self-expression and organic art in all of the various forms and manifestations. Their roster includes artists such as 2Nutz, Artime, Atomic Reactor, Chemdawgz, Cloud-D, Damnesia-Vu, The Digital Connection, Jeff The Box & Hot Box, Godlazer, kLL sMTH, Kruza Kid, Kyma Muse, Lost Optical, Papa Skunk, Project Aspect, Proper Motion, Resonant Language, Root Mass, Ross Pennock, Sammy Marz, SoDown, Sunsquabi, Unlimited Aspect, Unlimited Gravity and Vine Street Vibes.

This compilation contains delicious 25 tunes from well known artists, such as Project Aspect, Unlimited Gravity and Proper Motion, along with up-and coming talent, such as ARtime, Cloud-D, and Kyma-Muse. The compilation is available for a free download, so head over to SoundCloud and enjoy!

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