Neptune Safari – Night Trip EP

I’ve always had a soft spot for nu-disco and funky house music. It just knows how to get me moving, even if I try to resist. Recently a new name in the French house scene revealed itself to us, and that name is Neptune Safari. A French producer who has been releasing top quality music for the last year, Neptune Safari blends together edgy guitar lines, groovy beats, and a unique funk to create his tracks. One of his tracks, “Nebula”, is what exposed us to him. Since then he has made some serious strides with his music, including just releasing a brand new EP.

After the success and sheer boogie power of his first few remixes/ original releases, Neptune Safari’s newest creation is “Night Trip”, an EP featuring three original tracks as well as three remixes of his collaboration with Clara La San by Funk LeBlanc, Edward Newgate, and Rise & Fool. Continuing his unique musical approach, “Night Trip” displays masterful production capabilities and secures Neptune Safari’s place in the French House scene.

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