Electric Bare Exclusive: Night Bass Tour with Hannah Wants, Jack Beats, and AC Slater

The Night Bass tour is exactly what we wanted…bass, on bass, on bass. But for the crowd in Verboten, Brooklyn, it was more than that. It was the extreme energy exuded from the artists and the crowd that fed into the madness of my experience. Hannah Wants, Jack Beats, and AC Slater threw down and made us remember why we were dancing till five in the morning. These talented artists brought back their classic tracks that unleashed a frenzy of dancing, head banging, and thrashing. Everyone was having a good time and that is exactly what the Night Bass crew wanted.

When Hannah Wants entered the stage, the crowd threw their hands up in anticipation for her set. She grabbed the best of the UK garage bass scene and mixed in some oldies with the Night Bass spin on it. And the crowd went wild. Check it below.

Jack Beats and AC Slater kept the momentum and spirit going till the end of the night. One of my favorite moments was when AC Slater gave us an old classic “Show Me Love” with his vocal mix. The crowd joined in on the melody to only be smacked in the face with AC’s fat bass. Here is the video to prove it.

All in all, it was all one wild night and it capped the tail end of the Night Bass tour pretty well. Sadly the tour is over. If you were able to catch one of their shows, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. If not, be sure to check out any of these artists if they are in a town near you. I promise, you’ll have a good time just like this kid.

AC Slater Love-Electric Bare

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