OK Go – “The Writing’s On The Wall”

We’re very excited to feature OK Go’s newest video for their latest track, “The Writing’s On The Wall.” Since their simple idea for “Here It Goes Again,” a minimalist, low-budget production on treadmills, OK Go has come to be a name synonymous with interesting and inventive music videos. The band’s first viral video was made in a pre-YouTube world when the internet was still young. “A Million Ways” was released on iFilm, an early film-sharing site disseminated by word of mouth and organic buzz. This would be the video that would set the tone for the many iterations of their imaginative, easily recognizable vision.

Throughout OK Go’s career they have made many sleeker, more conventional, big-budget videos with acclaimed directors and choreographers. Each time they were told repeatedly during filming that “the band will look awesome.” And they did look awesome, to be sure, but something was missing. There was a certain charm present in their lower-budget productions – a certain human quality – that just wasn’t to be found in their glossy counterparts. There is something incredibly endearing about watching videos like “This Too Shall Pass” and “Needing/Getting,” where every-day items are transformed in creative ways into impressive apparatuses for the band to interact with. I believe that this element of participation, of manipulation of set in a (often) single take is what brings fans back video after video.

“The Writing’s On The Wall” is taken from OK Go’s forthcoming album titled Hungry Ghosts, set for release in October via Paracadute. You can listen to a sampler of the record on their recently released EP Upside Out here.

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