Exclusive Look at Phutureprimitive’s New Tour Stage, “Searching for Beauty…Part 2”

The Electric Bare team is always fascinated by the creativity and innovation that goes into creating the “experience” of a live show. We recently had the fortunate opportunity to sit down with some innovators that are taking the projection mapping and live visuals game to a whole new level.

The Supernatural Factory and Third Eye Projections are the creative geniuses behind swiftly bringing Phutureprimitive‘s “Searching for Beauty in the Darkest Places Part 2” tour stage to a whole new level. Be sure to listen to the full interview above and discover behind the scenes details of how this project came to fruition, and be sure to check out Phutureprimitive’s tour dates below so you can catch this surreal show in action.

“A week after Burning Man, I got a call from someone within Rain’s team about looking for a visual artist to help come in and complete this project before the start of this tour.”

“Really it started for him with going to someone who he had heard was able to pick up on projects quickly. In lesser terms, step in and save the day on a project.”


“Rain had a very specific idea of what he wants to see. It’s always really fun working with somebody, especially a musician who understands the creative process but mostly somebody who has a vision and a very defined idea of what they want.”

“Another major part of the visuals for this tour is doing a video feedback system with Rain’s ritual dancer Calei La. She does tribal beautiful ritualistic style dancing in front of the stage and I set up a video feedback system, so as she dances it takes an image of her and puts it back up on the stage and then inverts and reflects that image back and forth back and forth on the stage so it creates a tunnel effect out of her movement.”


“In a way what we’re doing is transporting people. We want to transport them from their everyday situation and with visuals and with sound you can push certain emotional responses through light and certain frequencies. And also with the visual system and the architectural visual system, you’re not in a club with black walls around you and it’s dingy and it’s dirty. You bring them into another world which is the world of imagination, the world of exploration, and in that world they can kind of free themselves from that everyday while dancing and kicking out their demons as well. It kind of gives them a much more fulfilling experience in the end.”

“We really live in a day and age where every project should have a really high production value and be something that can transform you into another space.”


Phutureprimitive Tour Dates

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