Point Point – “Life in Grey”

Almost out of nowhere, “Life in Grey.” Aazar, L’homme aux 4 lettres, Devoted to God, and Nomäk come together to create Parisian electronic supergroup Point Point. I’m at a loss for words listening to this track. Its jarring, but in the best way possible. It is both aurally and physically stimulating, hard-hitting and incredibly “chill.” It is a track that I want to lose myself to – a track that can be played and enjoyed with others or privately – a track I won’t soon tire of. There’s just too much to it! Last week we considered texture in music and what exactly that means to us using The Belle Game’s “Tradition.” Well, this track is another perfect example of beautifully layered waveforms to create an incredibly stimulating experience.

Keep an eye out for more tracks by this phenomenal collaboration on their soundcloud. You can be sure to find whatever they put out on Electric Bare – we are hungry for more.

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