The Polish Ambassador – “Lost & Found”

If there’s one musician that never gets old on my playlists, it’s The Polish Ambassador. His unique ability to experiment with dabble between different electronic styles never ceases to amaze me and he always manages to deliver, no matter what mood you’re in. Although it’s been some time now, the Ambassador is back, and coming back with a punch. He’s set to release a new album in the coming weeks called Pushing Through the Pavement, and our first glimpse at what the Polish Ambassador has in store for us is in his freshly debuted track, “Lost & Found”. In what he describes as “World Folk Future Hiphop”, the track features the usual collection of worldly electronic sounds alongside legendary hip-hop emcee, Mr Lif and soul-soothing vocals by Ayla Nereo. With this preview of his new album, The Polish Ambassador definitely has given his fans something to look forward to in the near future.

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