Quirke – “Break a Mirrored Leg”

The opening minute or so of Quirke’s “Break a Mirrored Leg” creates an ambient world for the listener that is filled with serene spaciousness. It’s hard to be sure what exactly is being heard throughout that minute, but the only thing that matters is that it’s lovely. This is the calm before the storm.

Around the 1 minute mark enters the body of the song and it’s immediately and unapologetically in your face. Quirke is definitely taking a page from the more-is-more strategy of songwriting to send you into hyperspace. “Break a Mirrored Leg” is filled with quiet and refreshing transitions in between the bouts of intense aural stimulation. These lulls in between the punches of intense synth/beat combos are simply wonderful and effectively accentuate one another through their contrast.

“Break a Mirrored Leg” and the rest of Quirke’s debut EP, the Acid Beth EP, will be released May 19 via Young Turks.

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