Ratatat – “Cream on Chrome”

Over the years, Ratatat has routined themselves into a sort of produce-perform-retreat cycle the centers around each of their album releases. Having revealed a string of tour dates in January that included this year’s Coachella, 2015 marked the beginning of the end of the duo’s most recent hiatus.

As the excitement surrounding their sudden Facebook updates began to catch fire, hopes of new material from an impending new album began to follow the anticipation of their return to the stage. To no surprise, the New York City-based duo premiered their new single, “Cream on Chrome,” during their Coachella performance this past weekend.

The new single is pure Ratatat. It’s everything you’ve been waiting to hear; a bona fide progression of their livetronica sound with the same makings that define all things Ratatat⎯an exotic soundscape of funky bass chords, soaring arena-rock guitar antics, and groovy drum patterns.

Ratatat closes out the Sahara Tent this Saturday night at Coachella Weekend 2.

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