Rüfüs du Sol Exclusive Interview

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If you haven’t checked out Rüfüs du Sol yet, now is the time. Jon George, Tyrone Lindqvist and James Hunt make up Sydney’s three man group, who together have changed the game in electronic dance music. With their release of “Desert Night” in early August 2013, the team launched their fantastic debut studio album Atlas with Sweat It Out, which topped the charts in Australia. Now they are bringing Australia to you with their scheduled tour this October. Alongside equally outstanding artists, Hermitude, the Aussies will be coming to a city near you. 

Tour dates here. Purchase tickets here. And until then, check out our Electric Bare exclusive interview to pump you up for the show.


What is the history of RÜFÜS DU SOL. How, when, and where did you guys meet?
Actually just through friends and family. Ty was writing kind of acoustic pop stuff and started helping Jon mix some of his house stuff one night in the studio and about 8 hours later they had written ‘We Left’. Then they poached me from another band to play drums in the live shows and it’s been the 3 of us since then.
When I hear Atlas, it definitely has the Australian blissful vibes we love but blends in some darker tones. Where do those influences come from?
Thank you. So much is happening in Australia at the moment, it’s great that the rest of the world are taking notice. Our influences come from all over. We listen to a lot of different music between us and I think that makes our writing process pretty interesting. On the album in particular we were always trying to juxtapose bright warm feelings with darker driving tones, so it’s cool that you felt that. But, to answer your question the kind of artist we reference when writing are people who are masters of their trade; Claude Von Stroke, David August, Trentemoller, Booka Shade, The Acid, Warpaint. All these artists are masters of their sound. What they don’t do with their sound is just as important as what they do with it. We try to bring that to our writing.
When creating Atlas and your other works, what is one motto you lived by?
Be ruthless. Don’t get attached to anything. With 3 people writing you have to be able to move on from something really quickly if other people aren’t vibing. So we are always ruthless with that kind of thing. If we weren’t feeling something we would cut it straight away. Then we’d cut more stuff later. Even at the last minute we cut tracks from the album because we wanted to be 120% about every song.
When do you know a track is finished?
When all 3 of us can sit back and listen to it and know it’s what we want it to sound like. Also, when our manager says we have to let go and give it to him haha
Collaboratively, what is your guy’s work dynamic? How has it changed from when you guys started to now?
We write as 3 guys in a room with a bunch of keyboards, a couple of synths, guitars, some drums and pro-tools. We’re actually writing material for a follow up record right now as we type this so it’s interesting to see how things have changed. Pro-tools 11 has made our writing that much faster as we no longer have to bounce each individual stem in real time. What that means is, we used to have to wait up-to a couple of hours to bounce a track down to listen to it in our cars or something. Now we can just bounce it pretty immediately. Thank fuck…
Favorite artists you have collaborated with? Any dream collabs?
We’ve had remixes of ATLAS track from people like CLASSIXX, Miguel Campbell, Touch Sensitive, The Presets, Motez, Hayden James and Rampue that were pretty special. We really wanna get in the studio with people some of the people on the list of influences above; Booka Shade and Trentemoller or someone like that. Someone with a real respect for sound and production and not just songwriting. We’ve also discussed getting another female guest vocalist on the next record…not sure who yet…it would have to be someone with a really distinct vocal. Who knows…Good question though.
We are all excited for your North American tour. Could you give us a bit more detail about the tour? Any particular cities you are looking forward to?
We’re super vibing on the idea of touring with Hermitude as support. They are incredible live. So we know crowds are gonna be ready once we come on. As far as cities go, they are all good, the shows in the big cities were all sold out last time so we hope that happens again as it’s really humblin.. We’ve not been to Philly, Boston, Toronto or Montreal before so that will be really sweet. Check the dates though.
What country are you keeping your eyes on for the next wave of awesome artists?
There is some really cool stuff coming out of Europe with a lot of artists basing themselves in berlin. That’s why we’re spending a couple of months there writing our next record. The vibe there is nice. We land there next week and then go straight back after our North American dates. There is also amazing stuff coming out of the UK. Young Turks, French Express and all that crew are killing it. In the U.S obviously the Dirty Bird sound is going from strength-to-strength.
If you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life on repeat, which song would torment you the least?
It would have to be something from Brian Eno – Ambients music for Airports. That is really passive. If there is such a thing.
What is one weird pre-show habit you have?
Not gonna give that one up. But, we all high five with each other and our manager before every show. We remind each other to have fun, no matter how stressful the set up has been. We gotta have fun.

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