Seven Lions – “Worlds Apart” EP

With the release of his third EP, Seven Lions continues the march forward in his mystical musical career. Jeff Montalvo, a Santa Barbara native, has been releasing fantasy and viking metal influenced dubstep remixes/ originals for the last few years. He draws his influence from bands like Opeth and the name Seven Lions is actually from a character in one of Gene Wolfe’s books, “Latro in the Mist”.

After the explosion of his debut EP “Polarize” and having countless tracks of his sitting in the top charts on Beatport, he was signed to OWSLA, where his work only further blossomed. With sounds that make listeners feel as though they’re on a surreal space-dub adventure, there’s no question as to why Seven Lions’ unique style has gained him popularity rather quickly. He adds something unique to the electronic and dubstep scenes, and his newest EP, “Worlds Apart” is another fantastic addition to his musical collection.

The EP itself is a magical dark twisted fantasy, aided with vocals by Ellie Goulding, Kerli, and more. From beautiful to powerful to dark, “Worlds Apart” is a wonderful blend of beats and orgasmic ambient sounds, and something we will be captivated by for quite some time.

Be sure to check out Seven Lions and his “Worlds Apart” Tour:



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