The Belle Game – “Tradition”

Texture in music. It’s something that I write about a lot because it is one of the things that I look for most. Wave forms that coalesce in a particular way that intimates the physical feeling of a thing that we are not in direct physical contact with. To do so with music is nothing short of magic. It’s meticulously manipulating an object that only exists in relation to what came before and to what comes after. If you don’t quite understand what I’m getting at, just listen to “Tradition” and it will become clear. Run your fingers through Andrea Lo‘s silky voice and notice as it is slowly woven into the velvet of the song’s harmonies. Feel its soft, cold bristles skitter on your fingertips as they lightly pass over the seemingly endless expanse of dreamlike ethereality.

I urge you to check out more examples of The Bell Game’s mastery of texture on their soundcloud. You can also pick up or stream their debut album, Ritual Tradition Habit, from your preferred music service.

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