Throwing Snow feat. Adda Kaleh – “The Tempest”

A truly fantastic music video by Rick Robin. It is, like the song, very elegant in its simplicity. There are very simple rules at play here that construct immense complexity. It is representative of reality, in a sense. The song begins with “The Tempest’s” arpeggiated motif, rising and falling in a way that is perfectly represented by the nebulous conglomerate of figures slowly expanding in the void. The camera zooms until the figures are large and take up what appears to be all of the space only to suddenly drop back. The cloud is reduced to a small oval and the void reigns once again. It is filled this time by Adda Kaleh’s haunting voice accompanied minimally by bass and percussion. The video goes on in this fashion. The motif focuses on the figure, all else on the void. However, as the song matures, the motif gets blended with all other elements of the song. Thus we have a merging of the form and the void. An exploration of simple fundamental rules to create complex structures. Order from chaos. The Universe from thought.

Hear more Throwing Snow here and be sure to check out his debut album Mosaic, out now via Houndstooth.

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