Tiny Ruins – “Me At The Museum, You In The Winter Gardens”

Everything about this song soothes me. Each part comes together like the strokes of an impressionist painting. It’s raining outside but it is dry and warm indoors by the hearth. Perhaps the rain is intimated by the faint hiss of the record, an understated and ever present drone. You know it’s cold outside, but right now it doesn’t matter. You stare at the flames but really you’re too busy watching the memories that momentarily lick the edges of your mind. Everything outside in the rain is static. The world is reduced to the hearth and your memories. The now and the then.

“Me At The Museum, You In The Winter Gardens” is a narrative focused on two areas that comprise the world as presented by Hollie Fullbrook. The known and the unknown are linked by the relationship between “Me” and “You.” There is an optimistic assurance in the world, in the self, and in others. I look at the painting but I see myself. I truly appreciate great writing in music for its invitation to fill its space with one’s own experience. It is an invitation to examine unexplored area’s of the self, emboldened by one who has stood there before. For that I thank Fullbrook for her curation.

“Me At The Museum, You In The Winter Gardens” is taken from Tiny Ruins‘ upcoming sophomore album Brightly Painted One, set for release in early May via Bella Union. Until then you can find and connect to more Tiny Ruins here.


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